A visual initiative aimed at creating, producing, financing and supporting the visual enigma of the platform destined to showcase talent, be it the most original or individual form of performing art or a part of creativity and innovation for latest media part, feature films, short films, and all other audio visual entertainments in Hindi, English, Bengali, Punjabi and most other regional languages.

Our Ideology

We believe making art is uniting yourself with your soul that lets you make connections with seemingly unrelated phenomena. Art is anything that make you feel being be it in the realm of your imagination and fantasy that lets you live your imaginative world by performing it or make you more creative by functioning graphics. We are here to bring out the excellence and ability to carve the real artist within you. We create not just film, but also capture the moments by reuniting and recording the fragment of Emotions, feeling, memories and thoughts. Our vision is to direct the artist to the persona that he actually feels a part of. Our purpose lies in bringing to the audience the stories and facts that lie unexpressed and the. To voice that opinion that remain suppressed, and be food for thought for those who needs the intensity of a motion picture to give shape to their imagination.

Our Aspiration

As entertainment and media have assumed a prominent role in globalizing the world, shifting radically its focus from native audience to the more diverse parts bridging the gap between all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. So has Indian cinema been going through functional transformation making itself global audience-centric by providing scripts that amuses all kinds of audience and has a significant influence, either great or small, in everyone’s life. India being one of the largest consumers of entertainment in today’s time, filmmakers are also coming up with new exciting yet, realistic ideas to showcase the stories in want of expression and a real perception and the response being not exceptional. Although, the major blockbusters and mainstream Bollywood films still continue to dominate a set of audiences and be the bread-winning source of entertainment, the existence of digital media has achieved heights with making screen an amazing influence in a more realistic form, and we work for upbringing of most of the mediums by altering the very fabric of daily life that you can wear not just for escaping but more for catching up to the real sense of life

The Moris Production House aspires to give the best of the entertainment to its audience with distinctive art and creativity in all forms. Our vision of innovation is beyond imagination, more inventive, original and individual therefore full of deep significance.