MORIS Academy is in a collaboration with top acting schools in 8 major cities such as Mumbai,Delhi,Kolkata,Chandigarh,Assam,Bengaluru,Chennai,Hyderabad.We are in the process of tying up with more schools in smaller cities in order to increase the perimeter and close down on the proximity between us and talents.

About the Acting School Course

Acting is an Art and The Actor is to reproduce credibly real characters on stage with the help of training in a systematic way. Many theories have been propounded from Bharat Muni’s Natya Shastra. (Angika, Bachika, Aharya, Sawiika, Saswatiq, Rasa, & Bhawa etc.) to Stanislavsky’s Acting methodology, to Sanford meisener technique to increase students critical thinking skill for Actor’s characterization.

What You Will Learn

The classes will be held on physical fitness, yoga, voice modulations, music and basic acting. This Course will endeavour to draw out, mould and redefine each individual by extending the Actor’s apparatus of body and voice, focusing their imagination and sensitively with their physical and emotional recourses. Increase general awareness of environment, experience and personality corroborated with techniques and skill in acting.

All the theoretical topics will be supported by Practicals; Emphasis on Practical exercises for the course is essential and mandatory for scholars. We will use multimedia presentations, illustrations, stories, guided tours and any other Audio Visual means during the course. Interaction among students is also vital to make the subject interesting. The first objective is to understand student ability or limitation. This will help us evaluate a student progress, both qualitative and quantitative for an assignment, or for a module.

Things We Cover In Our Acting School

  • Enhance Sensitivity
  • Get in touch with the self
  • Discover your hidden acting potential
  • Enhance your acting abilities and skills
  • Express the inner process instantaneously and effectively

Our objective is to provide Acting programme with valuable insight in application, concentration, self discipline, voice and Body control, Imagination and Self Discovery. This course emphasizes on building up sensitivity in the actors body so as to enable you to express the inner process instantaneously and effectively. This course will teach you all the basic Elements Of Acting, Action Problems, Diction & Language, Body Language, Theatre Workshop, Reaction Timing, Monologues Preparation & Practice, Scene Study, Film / Television Orientation, Camera Practical, Dubbing Practical and finally Audition Approach.

Yoga Techniques

  • Learning various Asanas
  • Learning Pranayam (Compulsory)

Improvisation - Its Nature & Purpose

  • What is improvising for acting?
  • Background of improvisation in acting
  • Introduction to an Actor's Training
  • Improvisation in Theatre & its application to Cinema and T.V
  • Improvisation as physical Therapy
  • Acting & Responding
  • Growth of individual as a person
  • Growth as an Actor

Practical Training for acting

  • Beginning & Developing Improvisation skills
  • How to develop concentration & spontaneity
  • How to stimulate the Imagination
  • Learn Dramatic Shaping & Communication
  • How to Build Characterization
  • How to develop group relationships and extending awareness
  • How to Explore Mood & Feeling
  • How build a play from Improvisation
  • Practical Exercises

Theoretical Training

  • Understanding the Dramatic Text
  • Understanding the play as a living example
  • Understanding the type of play
  • How to sense the shape and rhythm
  • Understanding various characters
  • How to create the atmosphere
  • Understanding the Reality outside the text
  • Understanding the language & Imagery
  • How to relate visual to the text

Learning Body Movements

  • Learning the Preparation of Bodily work
  • Learning the Warm up techniques
  • Learning the Proper alignment
  • Learning the Proper balance of Tension & Relaxation
  • Understanding your own body
  • Understanding of your personal mannerism
  • Understanding basic movement like space, time, energy etc
  • Understanding of mind, spirit & body connection
  • Body loosening, stretching, turning laziness
  • Resistance to work freely
  • How to Overcoming the inhibition & creation of group confidence
  • How to Overcoming physical fear – falling, rolling and physical thrust
  • Learning the acrobatic balance
  • Learning the Development of Stamina
  • Learning the Energizing the body
  • How to learn Playing with moods of energy
  • Learning the Activating & loosening of spine
  • Learning to use parts of body – Separately and together ( All Organs)
  • Elements of Facial Masks- Hair, Eyebrows, Forehead, Eyelids, Eyeball, Nose, Cheeks, Upper lips, Mouth, Tongue, Lower Lips, Teeth, Jaw, Chin

Voice Speech and Imagination covered in Our Acting School

  • What is Voice Acting?
  • Acting of Theatre, Television, Radio, Multimedia, News Readers and Anchor
  • How to Take care of voice and accent
  • Learning Exercises of Voice Modules
  • Correcting speech problems and habits
  • How to Unclear diction or speech clarity
  • Overcome Lack of mobility in the face, jaws, lips
  • Learning Voice & Body exercise
  • Understanding Elements of voice Acting performance like Pacing, Volume, Range, Articulation, Diction, Rhythm, Timing and Phasing
  • Learn Script Analysis, Scene work and Group discussion
  • Learn Debating, Radio & T.V Speech
  • Learn Storytelling, Reading with meaning & imagination
  • Improve Reading of Script for Cinema, T.V, Radio
  • Learn about Discovering & Releasing the voice within
  • Embodiment of the Voice & Speech – Melody, Songs, Chant, Voice in space
  • Relation of body and voice