Digitalization has mobilized and concentrated the perimeter of almost everything imaginable. The creative industry does not fall behind in that matter. Proximity had always been an issue uptil now, but the access to internet has effectively solved that. It has been life changing but why do we still wonder? Why do we still suck at promoting ourselves? Our abilities, our creativity, our individuality and originality. If we are bestowed with talents what makes recognition an elusive arena? What makes us loose our faith on our abilities? What gives shackles form?

The reasons are various from proximity and finances to contacts and the knowhow of the industry. And as an answer to all the woes Moris Talent Hunt brings to you a platform where none of these matter and provides you with the opportunity where you will not just promote your talent but also
customize it to get the best of your needs.

We are here to help you get out of your insecurities of being deceived or getting to the right place, at the right time, for the right purpose and in the right way. Whatever your goals are you will be served to reach them and get connection with the right people. Your talents would be recognized and viewed not just in India but reach to whole world and would be casted by not just Indian directors or producers but talent hunters from whole of the world and you could get international fame.

Whether your dream is Direction, Production, Acting, Dancing, Singing, Modeling or you have any other talent, you will be directed and guided to the right people or the right castings would reach you.

If you believe your talent and dedication, you are at the right place.

Believe your talent and dedication

  • Your talent, our quest.
  • Your dream, our passion.
  • Your recognition, our responsibility.