Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the most essential feature in the promotion of a film. Moris Films understands the intensity of it and puts its creative foot forward in making it appetizing to the audience. Performance of a film heavily relies on critiques and audience reviews, and cutthroat competition makes it necessary to keep the evolution of techniques alive. New and innovative techniques catch the curious and roving eye of the audience leading to the success of the film. At Moris films our continuous effort is to open up new avenues in doing so.

The tools used by us for the same are:

  • Defining and setting specific goals and KPI’s
  • Reviewing your current strategy, insights and industry trends
  • Optimizing social media channels against best practices
  • Analyzing the strategy of competition
  • Developing audiences, segments and buyer personas
  • Creating example messaging and content for different segments
  • Pre roll video advertising
  • IMDB listings and advertising
  • Visually compelling and functioning micro – site
  • Creating social competitions and quizzes
  • Celebrity and brand partnerships
  • Persona marketing
  • Social media advertising