is a visual initiative aimed at producing, financing and supporting the inventiveness of platform destined to showcase talent, be it the most original or individual form of performing art or a part of creativity and innovation for latest media part, feature films, short films, and all other audio visual entertainments in Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi and most other languages.

Our Ideology

We believe making art is uniting yourself with your soul that lets you make connections with seemingly unrelated phenomena. Art is anything that make you feel being be it in the realm of your imagination and fantasy that lets you live your imaginative world by performing it or make you more creative by functioning graphics. We are here to bring out the excellence and ability to carve the real artist within you. We create not just film, but also capture the moments by reuniting and recording the fragment of Emotions, feeling, memories and thoughts. Our vision is to direct the artist to the persona that he actually feels a part of. Our purpose lies in bringing to the hearts the stories and the facts that lies unexpressed and the expression.

Digitization takes centre stage in our existence and our everyday life, and for good reason, it minimizes effort, time, finances and complications of a task. Millenials and the generations before that alike are immensely dependent on social media platforms, online forums, e-commerce websites and likes of the same. Even libraries have been digitized and converted to e-libraries. Humans have started choosing their partners over the internet. Sounds crazy right!!! Well that is how our lives look like. In-spite of all the hulla –boo over the internet and its non-existent competitor, there exists no creative networking platform which is uniquely Indian, spans all corners of the country rural and urban alike.

For a country with one of the richest mix of cultures, languages and talents it seems absolutely necessary to have such a platform which seamlessly bridges the gap between talents and talent hunters. There are phenomenal talents in every nook &corner but due to lack of opportunities, Finances, Proper contacts, more often than never they give up on their passion. Thus as an answer to the unrequited love for recognition, Morris Talent Hunt has come up with a platform which can be called the talent directory in its own right. This platform will engage its entirerity in bridging This gap,

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