Our Projects

Movies as a finished product is a work of art which looks effortless, to a point that the audiences are deceived into thinking that it is not a tedious process but reality is otherwise. It is the process of metamorphosising an imagination of a story to a parallel reality. Breathing life into characters which are figments of imagination. Artists live and breathe a character as if it is their own, they transform into the character for a movie and this is how an imagination is given shape. It is our love for it all the way that keeps the zeal intact and pushes the people behind and in front of the camera to breathe life onto the screen.

A movie takes rigorous, intense effort of a huge crew, who work constantly for a long period of time to be able to come up with the finished product. It is strenuous, tedious, intense and passionate all at the same time. Only to provide our audience with a memorable experience which they will be enticed to go back to time and again.

A freshly minted boutique studio we are consciously committed to emblazon the brand onto the entertainment industry with several other upcoming movies and pipeline projects with the core vision of championing original content to the next level. We are also collaborating with projects of international stature and also working on other scripts for the near future.


We have a number of projects in the pipeline for the next five years, a brief description of the projects in horizon are given below

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